Peace, Faith, Trust and a whole lot of Jesus Dust

In all this chaos, they found peace!

During World War II, Corrie ten Boom and her family showed extraordinary courage by hiding Jews in their home in the Netherlands, defying Nazi persecution. Despite the constant threat of discovery and the unknown outcomes, Corrie's unwavering faith provided a physical refuge and spiritual solace to those she sheltered. Her home, nicknamed 'The Hiding Place,' became a symbol of light in a time of darkness. Corrie's story teaches us that faith can provide immense peace and strength in life's most terrifying unknowns.

Christmas always gets me thinking about stories of BIG FAITH that stand out across time. These stories are powerful, inspire hope, and often change how we see ourselves and the moments we face. This past week, I spent significant time reflecting on the story of Mary and Joseph found in Luke 2:1-7. We don't often recognize them as a "normal" young couple facing a very intense situation. They were required to go on a journey in the middle of circumstances that would forever change their lives (and the world). So they took off unmarried, with no room or proper lodging waiting for them, about to have a baby - talk about an anxiety-producing scenario!

But here's the kicker: in all this chaos, they found peace. I say they found it, but the truth is, peace found them! Peace incarnate (Jesus) arrived in the middle of an unlikely place and possibly the least desirable situation.

Could this really be the way God planned it to happen? How are we supposed to somehow connect their story to ours? It's all about faith. Faith isn't just believing in something; it's taking steps into the unknown and trusting in what was once hoped for, even when the road ahead is foggy. This story is more like what we go through than you might imagine. Life throws curveballs, and we're left scrambling. But there’s this idea in Philippians 4:6-7 that says don't freak out, just let God know what you need and trust Him. (pastor Jeff paraphrase)  It's about finding peace, not because everything is perfect, but because you know you're not alone.

Think about those times when you're unsure about the future - job stuff, relationships, the world in general. It's in these moments, like Mary and Joseph’s journey, where faith can shine. Faith in Jesus means believing there’s a bigger picture, a plan even in the chaos. So this holiday season, in the middle of all the shopping and the celebrations, take a moment. Reflect on where you can find peace in your unknowns. It might be a quiet moment, a prayer, or just realizing that it's okay not to have all the answers.

Wishing you a season filled with absolute peace, the kind that comes from faith and trust.

If you're still wondering (from the title) what Jesus dust is... let me close this benediction statement.
May you follow Him so closely that you're covered with the dust of His footsteps. Where He is, we find Peace, hope, and Trust!  

Merry Christmas y'all!
Pastor Jeff
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