Kailee Akin

Kailee grew up on a horse ranch in Minkler, CA where the population included 30 whole people. Feeling the need to get a taste of the “big city,” she made her way to Reedley, CA daily to attend Immanuel High School. It was there, that she was given her first opportunity to lead worship and developed a passion for music. Looking back on those days, it’s amazing to recognize that God was preparing her for a call that would come much further down the road of life.

Kailee and her husband Keith, live in Exeter and she spends her days raising her three small humans, Weston, Bristol, & Cohen. When she’s not wholly focused on the deeper meaning of worship lyrics and chorus composition, you can find her trying to catch just enough sleep to keep functioning and providing a seemingly endless supply of food, beverage and entertainment for the people of her “village”.