Adam Perez

Adam was born and raised in Visalia, California. In 2010 Adam moved to Chico, California where he studied Fire Science and became a Firefighter for Sacramento, CA. During his time up north, Adam had the privilege of working with some amazing video production companies specializing in commercials and short films. It was during this time that Adam continued to refine his skills in movie production, set design and film editing.  Although loving what he did, in the Summer of 2017 he felt called to move back home. Shortly after the move Adam would end up meeting the love of his life. Adam has had the pleasure of serving on some amazing worship teams throughout the years and knows that pipeline church is exactly where he and his family should be.

Adam and his family, Jenna and Jaden love spending time with family, friends, attending sporting events, and being outdoors.  Adam is forever grateful for his new church family, the pipeline staff, and each and every person who is making an impact on his family.